The Phantom Menace

With over 1,500 customers you’d expect us to hear some rather extraordinary stories and you’d be right. In our 45+ year history we’ve heard many stories about the antics that companies have uncovered through our Time and Attendance solutions. In our #ItCouldNotHappenHere series we cover our “favourites” – one in each post.

Ever wondered where George was? Well until a Time & Attendance system was installed no-one had cause to question him. He was never late, never sick and rarely – if ever- took holidays. In fact, he was an exemplary employee, bar for the one simple fact that George didn’t exist despite receiving a regular salary! In a large business, with so many employees, it’s hard enough to track the real ones, let alone the ghosts unless you have a Time & Attendance system. Then the ghosts mysteriously do a vanishing act…

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