UXB: The UneXpected Benefits

With over 1,500 customers you’d expect us to hear some rather extraordinary stories and you’d be right. In our 45+ year history we’ve heard many stories about the antics that companies have uncovered through our Time and Attendance solutions. In our #ItCouldNotHappenHere series we cover our “favourites” – one in each post.

The UneXpected Benefits

When a sudden reduction of payroll costs post implementation of Time & Attendance occurred it raised serious queries about the accuracy of the automated Time-To-Pay rules. The savings were way beyond those predicted based on usual manual payroll errors.

After a complete review of the system the revelation of the error left everyone speechless; it was a bombshell!

The previous manual paper time sheets had an overtime column (double time). When someone worked four hours at double-time the staff would enter ‘8 hours’ in this column believing they needed to do the manual calculation when in fact the payroll system did this. The result; if you worked four hours overtime you would be paid 16 hours at basic.

How long had this been going on for? As long as everyone could remember.

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