Magnet Man

With over 1,500 customers you’d expect us to hear some rather extraordinary stories and you’d be right. In our 45+ year history we’ve heard many stories about the antics that companies have uncovered through our Time and Attendance solutions. In our #ItCouldNotHappenHere series we cover our “favourites” – one in each post.

Magnet Man

There are many was in which employees will destroy Time and Attendance clocks for their benefit.

Meet the ‘Magnet Man’, he’s the workplace villain who uses industrial magnets to destroy Time & Attendance clocks so he doesn’t have to work early shifts. If only he channelled his super powers in the right direction then perhaps he may consider swapping his shift with a colleague or, better still, going to bed earlier so he’s ready and refreshed for work the next day? Save yourself from the clutches of Magnet Man by installing a bio-metric system today.

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