5 reasons why employees love Time and Attendance

why employees love Time and Attendance

People often perceive the introduction of Time and Attendance Solutions as a “Big Brother” approach and introduced as a result of distrust in the workforce, however, the reality is that staff often value the benefits that Time and Attendance bring to them which may even improve employee engagement and retention. Here are some of the benefits;

  • Accuracy

There is nothing worse than opening your payslip only to find that your overtime is missing or incorrect. This is especially true for hourly-paid workers who are often impacted more than salaried staff and those on higher remuneration. Time and Attendance ensures that their time is accurately recorded and via self-service can often show the employee what they will get before they even receive their payslip.

  • Fairness

Often the moment a child can speak we will hear the words “that’s not fair” in response to some parental decision. This innate desire for fair treatment does not end in adulthood but becomes more entrenched. Yet in a large organisation with many managers and supervisors, how can you ensure that managers are being fair to their colleagues. Personal preference and prejudice are not easy to police and may even be unconscious. One employee may get paid for additional hours, another paid nothing. You may be docked pay for being late, whereas your colleague’s lateness is overlooked.  A Time and Attendance system will enforce rules consistently without bias. This results in fair treatment and a more engaged workforce.

  • Transparency

Having a set of clear and precise rules that are consistent across the organisation regardless of who the employee or the manager is, with real-time data for both employees and managers, provides transparency and gives everyone confidence in the decisions that are taken as a result.

  • Flexibility

Because a Time and Attendance system takes away a huge amount of admin work, it enables managers to be more flexible with staff. It makes it easier for managers to accept requests for TOIL, Shift Swaps and other time associated changes that help staff juggle work and life together.

  • Recognition

Time and Attendance systems enable employees who show commitment to the organisation to be recognised through their time record. If you don’t recognise employees who are never late and rarely absent, then you are sending a message that these things are not important. Time and attendance solutions identify and recognise staff with impeccable attendance records. Everyone wants to be recognised for doing the right thing and that includes attendance. Conversely, sometimes a deterioration in good attendance may identify employees who are struggling with work or home life and need help from the HR department. Again, a Time and Attendance system can help managers and HR recognise that an employee needs help and take positive action to support the employee.

Find out more about HFX’s Time and Attendance solutions: https://www.hfx.co.uk/solutions/hfx-time-and-attendance/

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