Touch Free Access Control

  1. Full Turnkey solution including Devices and Installation
  2. Full UK Support including onsite maintenance
  3. Supports Card/Prox or Finger Print identification.
  4. Full Mustering and Roll-call
  5. Multi-Site Capable
  6. Quick to Configure, Easy to Manage, Simple to use
  7. Option for Visitor RegistrationFlexitimeTime & Attendance
  8. Card Printing Bureau service including photo and branding.
  9. Total Support including software & hardware with UK wide engineers.
  10. Integrates with any HR solution.

In response to customer requests, we can now provide touch-free access control “push to exit” devices.
These touch-less devices help prevent the spread of infection by avoiding contact.
Our Engineers can replace your existing “push to exit” devices with touch-less easily. 

Coping with workforce management and Coronavirus: the changed workplace

Photo by Kevin Bhagat 

Over the past few weeks HFX have seen a massive increase from customers asking how HFX can support their initiatives around combating and mitigating coronavirus.

We want to help by getting companies and their staff to be able to work from home to keep staff safe and adapt business with minimum disruption, so if you think any of the options below could be of benefit, please call us now on 03333 447872 or visit

  1. Staff working from home? – You may need our Time and Attendance and Flexitime Cloud solution which enables you to plan and track staff availability and working hours transparently and in real-time
  2. Mobile clocking app for staff working from home – Instant remote implementation in one day with no training required  
  3. Staff still on-site/in the office? – We are offering special pricing on Iris, facial and proximity devices for staff to clock in touch-free
  4. Fluctuating business demand? – Our Cloud Workforce Design solution or consultancy will help you adjust your staffing to your customer demands
  5. Absence planning with Coronavirus – also keep track of isolated colleagues
  6. Touch-free access control
  7. Visitor and Staff screening – Identifying high-risk colleagues returning to work
  8. Express implementation of Cloud solution
  9. Visitor and Contractor Registration module including health check questionnaire

The mixture of the above cloud-based options can help monitor sufficient resourcing levels for vital council services and keep front line services running effectively to provide uninterrupted service to the public.

To find out how HFX can help your business call us on 03333 447872 or visit: