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Upcoming Webinars by HFX

24th March 2021 1.30pm Focusing on Productivity

Introduction to Workforce Productivity

·        What is Workforce Productivity and how is it measured?

·        Why is the UK lagging behind in Productivity?

·        What are the business benefits of productivity improvements?

·        The Top 5 things YOU can do to improve workforce Productivity in your organisation

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31 March 2021 1.30pm Total Workforce Management


Total Workforce Management:
Total Workforce Management is the ability to manage your entire workforce within a single unified application including Flexi-time staff, home and remote staff as well as those who work on shifts/site and facilities including contractors, visitors and temporary/agency staff. Our free webinar explores the organisational benefits and productivity improvements that come with Total Workforce Management.

7th April 2021 1.30pm HFX Human Resource Management


14th April 2021 1.30pm Why Flexible Working Works and How to Implement