Demolition Derby

With over 1,500 customers you’d expect us to hear some rather extraordinary stories and you’d be right. In our 45+ year history we’ve heard many stories about the antics that companies have uncovered through our Time and Attendance solutions. In our #ItCouldNotHappenHere series we cover our “favourites” – one in each post.

Demolition Derby

For one call out where a terminal had been damaged we were shocked to discover how much one individual disliked having to clock in and out that they had in fact taken a crow bar to the terminal.

The ingenuity of employees to find new ways of destroying Time & Attendance equipment is often amazing. From teabags to magnets and crowbars, to forklift trucks to a washing machine (dropped), we’ve seen it all. The so-called “Magnet Man”, who used an industrial magnet on the device to disable it just because “he hated early shifts” is our favourite, but Mr Typhoo Teabag comes a close second.

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